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A collection of art deeply rooted in sustainability and living an Eco-Friendly Good Green Life!

The Green Art Seal you see on every painting is Surreality Arts way of letting its customer and clients know that I have taken significant steps toward creating artwork that is non-toxic, safe and has very low impact on the environment, as a benefit to our planet as a whole ecosystem, in and of itself.

As you may already know, it is the power of science based programs that aim to empower consumers, purchasers and businesses to create a more sustainable green world. From scientific findings new laws, rules, regulations, etc are made which will eventually make it mandatory for people, households and businesses to comply. Why wait?

Surreality Art is doing its part now and you can too!

See below for more Go Green information including, Home Arts and Craft Products, Information & Ideas for Kids!

Here are some of the things I have expressed on the topic of Green Art:

"I have re-envisioned my relationship to nature and art by developing and encouraging new ways for me to co-exist with my environment while keeping our planet green for our younger generations and all generations to come."

"In the year of 2006, I had switched from using oil paints to acrylic paints as it leaves less of an impact on the world and its environment. No more chemical based paint thinner, linseed oil, varnish oil, paintbrush cleaners etc are needed. Now I use only
Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic materials and water. I Love that about my artwork!"

It makes my heart & soul happy to know that "Surreality Art is doing its part to create Green Art!"
Surreality Art's Canvas'  are made of natural wood and natural cotton fabric, the materials used to create the actual paintings are ACMI - AP (ACMI–Website) approved meaning each canvas is made from natural elements that are biodegradable and even the Dick Blick paints used are non-toxic to people and the environment."

READ MORE about the authentication,

art materials, conservation and

preservation of each art piece!

Motivation & Intent:
For centuries nature has been inspiring artists by its sheer and natural beauty; in my own personal artistic gratitude and in my innate respect towards our planet, I had participated in my first successful Earth Day event in 2014. This event had inadvertently and ultimately changed my thinking and my life! It was then that I realized, I too as an artist have a responsibility of sustaining, protecting and safeguarding this natural beauty we live in now and well into the future.

Taking it One Step Further:
Having already been involved with the conservation and preservation of my fine art paintings for years, it seemed just another natural step to extend my current credence with fine art into a more modern sustainable and comprehensive ecological production, in the making of my fine art. This includes the materials I buy and use, how I use them, the disposal of them and the ethical implications of all produced and manufactured materials used in the creation of my paintings.

Why Not Make it Green?

Our planet is an organic living ecosystem, a contained source such as a fishbowl consisting of water and land; anything we manufacture, produce and consume will unquestionably and inevitable be released into this fish bowl we call Earth. Whether the products we use gets introduced into the land or introduced into the water, we will have to live with these products with only two options at hand... we must take responsibility to clean these toxins out, or better yet, STOP using toxic products all together. For two years now, I have pledged to the  “One Billion Acts of Green” to take on wholeheartedly the additional devoted responsibility to do my part as the artist and owner of hence Surreality Art is now Green Art!

Our Babies, Grandbabies and Grandbabies–Grandbabies:
Arts & craft products for small children can and some do contain dangerous toxins that can be harmful during and after exposure. Chemicals can cause allergic reactions and even worse, can cause headaches, nausea, rashes, burns and even internal organ damage and cancer...and these reactions does not include ingestion alone. Eco-friendly art is not yet a set standard in all childrens art supplies, so don't assume that Grammer schools and hobby stores have taken on this responsibility. Be sure that your child's school uses only ACMI (Art & Creative Materials Institute) approved products.

Go Green with Home Arts and Craft Products: An Eco-Friendly lifestyle for your child starts at home. Here are some fun filled projects Surreality Art endorses:
Use Natural and Recycled Materials:
Did you know that even recycled paper can be bleached to look white and even contain added toxic chemicals dies to color the paper? Use virgin paper instead. If virgin paper is unavailable, always use post-consumer recycled papers. Remember, your child's masterpiece will look just as beautiful on recycled paper.

Natural and Recycled Ingredients: Did you know that traditional crayons have paraffin wax which is a petroleum by-product although crayons claim to be non-toxic? Soy crayons are biodegradable and just as fun!

Recycled Materials in your art projects:
Re-purposing materials can literally turn your trash into treasure. Start a craft box full of different collected materials for your child.
Most newspapers and magazines now use soy ink within the printing process: so save your old paper for making collages, beads, piñatas, origami, kites, and much more!

Got dried out non-toxic markers? Use old jars or an old muffin pan. Open the markers, remove the color inserts, place them in a ½ Cup of water (or add 1 TBS of Vinager for added color intensity) and let the color leach out. Use with a paintbrush just as watercolor paints.
Make Play Dough: 1 cup of flour, ¼ cup of salt, ½ cup of water, 3 to 4 drops of natural food coloring.

Paper Mache goes a long way. Use 1 cup flour 1, cup cold water, 2 tablespoon salt (to prevent mold). There are literally tons of projects for kids using paper mache. Google some paper mache projects!

Hand Puppets: Lose another sock in the washer machine? Decorate them to make a hand puppet.
You can also turn your old winter gloves into little finger puppets.

Remember making paper chains? They are always fun for birthday party decorations or even Christmas trees.

Painted Rocks: My personal Favorite are Painted Rocks, always fun and they make great family gifts.

 Earth Day Network &
Earth Day Network is committed to promoting sustainability and environmental conservation 365 days of the year, not just on Earth Day.  There are many ways you can get involved and make a difference! 
To learn more go to:
Coming Soon! - A Green Artists Guide
For all those other artists out there that are naturally resourceful, who already tend to recycle and repurpose (whether it be part of the artwork or part of the artistic process) Surreality Art has ideas for you!
 Surreality Art's is Green Art - Materials & Authentication
Great care has been taken by the artist to educate herself in the various types of art materials available while using only those products/materials which assist in creating an
eco-friendly non-toxic studio and art pieces.
 Surreality Art's First Earth Day Celebration in 2014
2014 was the first year I as Artist & Owner of Surreality Art had participated in the Earth Day event in combined effort with and a "Billion Acts of Green." Watch my short video of some art pieces on display and some people whom participated with me at my Surreality Art Earth Day booth. 

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