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Surreality Art is focused on solving the challenges of interior designers whom spend precious time sourcing for existing art pieces from art galleries,
online galleries, shops, catalogs, etc. With Surreality Art you can commission one of a kind piece(s) of original fine art that will complement your designs, in the specific type and style, the size and color schemes that you need, all within the time frame that you need it and all while working within your budget.

Imagine no market value or gallery rates on your purchased fine art and having all your art needs met, fulfilled, and shipped directly to you or your work location with all your art needs
being conveniently located right here online!


  • Work Directly with Tammy the Artist
  • Choose From Many Types and Styles of Art
  • Custom Sizes to Fit Unusual Areas and/or Spaces
  • Single Painting Large or Small, Group Paintings
  • Bulk Paintings for Business / Chain Projects
  • Chose Your Custom Color and/or Combinations
  • Providing One-of-a-Kind Original Art Pieces
  • Painted Edges for Frameless Hanging
  • Completely Hand Painted Craftsmanship
  • Artwork Complexity Chosen to Accommodate Any Budget
  • Free Estimates on Deposits, Materials & Shipping
  • Quality Cotton Canvas, Paint & UV Protective Finish
  • 100% Secure Online Payments via Pay Pal
  • Paintings will be Shipped to You or Your Work Location
  • Completion Date & Quick Turnaround Time Provided
  • Photo of your Artwork(s) Before Delivery
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Why spend all that time shopping for fine art in the right style, in the right size, in the right color (well, close enough) and in the right price range... when you can get all your fine art needs right here with Surreality Art and have the paintings shipped directly to you or your work location!

Having primarily worked one-on-one with the buyers of my commissioned art pieces to ensure they are getting exactly what they desire, I've become partial to it!
Now I am extending my custom commissioned artwork to the world of Interior Design!

I invite you to contact me and explore how commissioning fine art from Surreality Art can help save you valuable time and money and make your entire art experience a wonderful art adventure that will exceed both you and your clients expectations! 

Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries you may have.
I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the near future!

Click on the images above for more ideas and examples!

Every artist whom has worked in commissioned artworks and sales knows that you must first establish what types, styles of artwork foremost appeals to your clients taste. Thus showing them the artworks they prefer to see.

Since you as an Interior Designer have already ascertained your client’s preferences, you are already in the know of what art piece will best complement their design and their living space.

Commissioning a painting for you and your clients artful needs while working with the Surreality artist will consistently produce a livable and lovable art piece that every client will be excited to show, talk about and live with!   ~Tammy J. Ferrara

"It is just as disastrous to have the wrong accessories in your room as it is to wear sport shoes with an evening dress."
~ Dorothy Draper

I wonder if any element of interior design is more personal than color? Nothing can more quickly reveal aspect of personality and character than the choice - or absence - of color. 
~Van Day Truex

Pay a 35% down payment for time, labor & materials.

Price of the artwork is based on size and complexity.
For more details see the Surreality Art Purchase Process.


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Surreality Art... Offering Fine Art that is a created and integrated piece to your design!